Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Gaming Website and Why I Created It

First off, I'd just like to tell you that I'm the GaPGames Administrator, if you aren't able to tell.

Website Link: GaPGames - For the Gamers, by the Gamers
Play... Empire Island (it's a fun game, actually)

The reason why I created this site was so that I could move from that "bulky" type of site to where you had to click through a bunch of stuff and waste tons of your bandwidth loading 1000s of images and thumbnails, when all you want to do is play games.

Granted, I can't add every game, I'm not popular enough to attract the attention of the best game devs out there, so a lot of the games that are out there are simply... blocked. Games that have a high quality factor and are usually published by well-known groups or indie devs are site-locked, therefore only sites within a certain list are able to enjoy that game on their site. I can by-pass this by just hotlinking from that site to this site, but I don't like stealing bandwidth.

The way my site works is as simple as pie. You go to the main page. Bang. There's a list of over 300 games ready for you to play. Click a title that you find interesting. Bang. There it is, loads right into that box to your left. No hitch, no hassle, just straight up gaming.

I may not be able to do this forever. I'm just now getting out of debt because my equity loan interest rates got jacked and my benchmark lending rate was lowered. But enough of this; I'll be fine and I will devote my attention to this site.

Also, any images here, I request must be by Imgur, an online photo sharing website. So if you comment on this using a funny image, please upload it to Imgur. You can grab the Chrome Extension here. And the Firefox Add-on here. I also find the Send to... Imgur Windows Application very helpful. You can get that here.

Thanks for your time,
GaPGames Administrator